[Feature] Texting block (send and get SMS)

This is my first message in this community :smiley:
I need to build a closs platform app that must be able to send messages; there is not a texting module for that in Thunkable yet.
Can you please create it?
I would really appreciate it.


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sorry, but I did not understand what functionality you need. Using Thunkable X, you can send information in various ways - via email, SMS, through various messengers (using the Share component - https://docs.thunkable.com/thunkable-cross-platform/create/components/social/share), storage, database and web server.

What did you have difficulties with?

Thanks for the answer!

I need to send and receive SMS.
For example, i need to send an SMS to a specific number with a specific body and then be able to retrieve the answer.

As i saw this function exists only in Thunkable not Thunkable X.


Instead of WebViewer, you can use the “open link” block.



Thanks a lot!
How can i get the answer to the message? (So the reply)

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Can you tell me in more detail what kind of message this should be? You sent sms and want to receive an answer that this message was delivered or something else? Did you say that there is a component in Thunkable Classic that accepts the message? What is this component?

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I have to send a message containing a code to an alarm center. In response, the alarm center sends me feedback.
So i send the SMS and then i get an SMS from the same number.

This is the component in Thunkable Classic: https://docs.thunkable.com/thunkable-classic-android/create/components/social/texting.

I understood. If you sent sms, but turned off receiving the answer, then the phone will not accept sms or sms still come to the phone (not in the program)?

The fact is that in Thunkable X messaging is implemented through Firebase and I think that to send sms and receive a response to it you need to use the web-service, if it exists.

I didn’t see any “web-service” component on thunkable x yet.

What i have to do:
Send one SMS to a specific number and then get the answer from the same number.
If possible i want to remove the SMS so the user can not see it.

I meant a third-party web service on the Internet - some site that provides such a service.

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There is twilio…if only they add the component in Thunkable…

In any case, i need the phone to send the SMS. Is it so hard to build the “Texting” component that works with Thunkable X too? As they already have the Android version…

Yes, twilio has a message api. Try to deal with it. For queries to a server in Thunkable X there is a Web API component.


With twilio i need to pay extra money for every SMS…:frowning_face:

Yes, with other similar services the same story.

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Can they just build the “Texting” component that works with Thunkable X too? As they already have the Android version…

This is a question for Thunkable X developers.

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Ok well, should i make it in Github?


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Can someone link the github page for me please? Thanks

You can use Way2sms API. It’s free of cost I’m using that you send free SMS to any mobile number.