Is Bulk SMS Messaging Possible in Thunkable X?

How can I send Bulk SMS from a cloud messaging service to ~800 people as SMS Notification?
Is there any Reasonable Software to afford for this? And how can I implement the API of the software?

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You can use WEB API for that you just have to go through API documentation and according to that call a web components with API credentials with users number and message.


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Could you Explain more clearly?


i wish i could i don’t have any api.
If you have any sms plans you can share details privatively with me.
In past I have a gateway which has the web facility so i know it is possible. try with https links in API section and you will get the right code. Its very simple.

Check this:

my previous work


Thank you so much! :smile:
But I didn’t understand the use of the Web1.get block…
Is it very important? Because Thunkable X has no web component only Web Viewer…


Hey @kartik_old,

The web component in Thunkable X is called “Web API”

Check out Simran’s tutorial series on YouTube to familiarise yourself with this component:

No Its not import is only to check the status of sms delivery