Twilio Bulk SMS Help

I am trying to send Bulk SMS using Twilio and I have connected the Twilio API to thunkable. Now I am trying to get the API to send a message to 1 number but it is not working. Help Please!


I have and the same response as show above comes. I made a new code without using the twilio app and the code deploys a draft of the text to the 2 numbers in my testing but doesnt send a message to them.


Please ignore the third number I took that out.

Trying running the API on Postman. This will allow you to know if the API is working or not.

I was actually thinking of not using an API at all and instead just importing the list from Google Sheets and going through it using code provided by you in this post Sending Text Notification to Multiple People - #7 by nascentaa0obfo

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