Sending Text Notification to Multiple People

Is it possible to send text message to multiple people using phone numbers pulled from a google sheet?

Have a look at the Share component. I imagine that you would read the telephone numbers into a variable and then use the Text component and include the variable.

Yes, that is exactly what I am doing. I was just wondering if you can send a text to many people at the same time.

As far as I know you would have to iterate through the file.

How exactly are you supposed to do this. Can you show me an example with a blank spreadsheet with random numbers as a sample?

I tried this code out but it just replies at null

Can you show your blocks and spreadsheet?

In your second last block change “property name” to “Number”.

I think i used a similar method to send SMS in bulk using Twilio, i remember it being very easy to set up but unfortunatly that’s everything i recall as really was ages ago.

Hope it helps

Ok thank you that worked but now can i just use the same textbox method to call these numbers?

Could you please post the code for that project here? Also I was wondering on how to insert Twilio into my project. Could you please help with that?