SMS intigration?

Using a tutorial I was working on an app that would pull data from a google sheet and send Text messages to contact in that sheet, then update the sheet using MIT App Inventor (full details of what I’m trying to do below if you so care). But since appinvintor only works with android I thought this might be better. I thought it would be the same layout but the components aren’t the same, at least that I can see.

This is the tutorial I worked from.

Specifically the sms ap and get request components, I don’t understand what the parallels are in thunkable.

Even If I could use a third party text company like Twillo, that would be fine but I can’t find anything like that SMS app function.

Any help would be appreciated. Or if there is a tutorial about this somewhere I’m happy to research on my own, google search did nothing.

I have a Googel sheet* set up with Names, Phone Numbers, Classes and Volunteers for each class, which a checkbox for each class and a status box for each class. I have it set up so that if the checkbox is marked, the texts will be sent to those numbers using that data: To (phone) “(Class 1) will begin shortly, (volunteers1) get ready.” When the class one text is sent, the app updates status box for class one and the check moves from class 1 to class 2 and so on. The app needs to be simple because it’s very non-computer literate people that will be using it. I can’t expect them to update any code. My current app has a Refresh button and a Send button. So they Refresh, visually verify the class name, then press Send. and repeat for the next class.

*The google sheet gets data from a form people fill out for volunteering so I can’t just download a static form each day. I need it to update as someone submits the form to volunteer.

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If you are using a bulk SMS third party company for sending SMS then just use open link component in the Control drawer.

For the Google sheet, Thunkable has Data Sources option which will connect to the spreadsheet and use it like a table in a database which you can use within Thunkable.

Happy Thunking!

I am sorry, I feel so dumb here but I am still so stuck.
It seems like a simple idea but I can’t figure it out.
The SMS message options are in the google sheet, and the phone numbers to text are in the google sheet. I would prefer to run the messages through the third party like twilio but I don’t think I get how the open link option will work.

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