Updating my Google Sheets

I have a google sheets, am able to linked with thunkable and display the data, but if i want to insert or update data, am using Third party “sheetDB.io”, is there any easy way to insert or update directly with the use of Third party

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Why are you not using Thunkable blocks for that?
Is there a reason making you not to use Thunkable to update/create rows in your sheet?

I have my data inside google sheets… my idea was to read and write to that sheet…and make my google sheet as a backend for my app… is that a good idea, or there is any alternative idea

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Yes, and easily doable in Thunkable.

Thank you for replying, to be honest I didn’t do it before, and I have no idea about that, kindly could you give me a hint or an example… please If you have the time…

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Very easy,
Connect a sheet using the Data Sources option.
In your screen, add DVL (Data viewer List) and bind it to the sheet.


Note that when you copy the project, the link to my Google sheet will not be copied so you need to use a sheet from your side.

One smart thing Thunkable did is having local tables, Google sheet and Airtables that you connect using the Data Sources option to use the same coding blocks. So if you worked with local tables or Airtable then you already have the coding experience to work with Google sheet.

Thank you for replying. Sir excuse my understand. And please correct me if am wrong. Connecting to Google Sheet I know how to did it and I know how to display data. But when it comes to insert new data to google sheet, am using Third part like SheetDB.io
I don’t know till now any other method to insert new data to google sheet… is there any easy one…

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You will find the blocks to manage the sheet under Data Sources

Yes… it works. it was so easy, I didn’t t think it work like… that…

Thank you Muneer…really I appreciate you valuable help… :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Glad to hear that it helped you.