SMS & Thunkable x & open link/web viewer

Hi all,

This will probably be embarrassing to ask even though I’ve read two threads here over and over again but I’m still hitting problems.

Firstly I’ve read these two posts :


However when I use the open link method in the same way as these two threads show it does not work for me.

Instead when tying to action this by clicking a button it is appending the number, &body= and text together to try and find the contact and thus comes up with invalid recipient. This is on android and testing it through the live app.

Thank you in advance


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Is there anyone who can help with this ? I am really struggling to get this to work and would appreciate any help with it

Thank you


I’m sorry but I thought at least someone would help, looks like thunkable x isn’t capable of sending SMS messages. I was looking to invest into this app builder too

If anyone has any thoughts on this please do reply otherwise sadly I’d have to look else where for an app builder.



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If you can be specific in what you want and add screenshots of your code or link to your project you will find many members here who are ready to help and share experiences.

It is very difficult to answer a general inquiry where it clearly points to a parsing or call ding error

Happy to help if I know what you exactly need to do and what part you are facing difficulty in.


So, If you want to send SMS by investing some money I can suggest you a non-thunkable site called fast2SMS you can use it by reading docs of it and by seeing videos in youtube on how to use fast2SMS to send SMS you can just use a webviewer by hiding it you can send SMS or message and one more thing I can suggest you is push notification , although it will send like bulk , you can use the call get user id function and save it in a website by thunkable send & recieve message and can just send notification to the user by using user Id but you must send it by using website not by thunkable becoz thunkable can’t support sending notification in the app. One example of push notification site onesignal. You can see the installation of it in youtube (how to install in web)and this push notification is free but not fast2SMS

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Well, you can always use twilio (it’s incredibly cheap) or set up an instance to textbelt on a virtual server.

Apple makes it so you can’t send a text message from within an app using native features with iPhones. Thunkable is made to work with both iOS and Android identically. Maybe this is why it’s unavailable for Either?

Can you show blocks of what you’ve tried so far that’s failed?

@muneer thank you for your reply. I’m simply wanting a button to be pressed and for a message to be sent. The number in this example is made up as I don’t want my number showing here.

Obviously I’m showing button1 twice here but I’ve set this up independently so one time it used webviewer and the other time openlink

When I run this and click on the button it first asks what app to use which is annoying but when I choose the messaging app it then reports invalid recipient as it has joined the number plus the &body= etc altogether

Hope this explains it better



Use the [Share] component of Thunkable and program the Button [Click] even with something such as


It will do the job.

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@muneer thank you for this however I used the share method first and all it did was open the text window with the contents and I had to physically press the send button


Yes, this is correct. This is actually a safety feature so no App sends SMS from your phone set without your consent.

I use and the [open link] component to send Login passcode to users. Its not free though. The API of this service is easy and straight forward.

@muneer thank you for this.

However safety feature or not if I were to code in andriod SDK for example I can do this.

Considering thunkable x comes with a price tag I feel I’ll have to look elsewhere as having to use external resources defeats the object of such a simple thing I need to do.

Thank you for your help though

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I think with a lot of users don’t understand is that thunkable is trying to build one platform and 1 codebase. If iOS doesn’t allow it, they’re not going to allow it on android because then realistically they have to create to code bases. The idea is to be able to create one out that is exactly the same on android and iOS. iOS does not allow this type of behavior, in app to send a text message or email at the push of a button. However, using anyone of a variety of services on the Internet, you will be able to do this.

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As far as I know, Android was allowing such think up to build 4. After that, the code to send SMS from an app will always request user confirmation.

Hi @tim.casson.smithpc,

just a small hint from me: Google has raised the bar for using SMS/telephone into apps:

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Actually, I’m able to send text messages using a bulk sms program on Android 11. You just have to change some of the native android settings to do it.

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Bulk sms packages works. I use one too. The question was about native android support not third party.

I’m new to this so I’m not sure I understand the distinction. I’m interested in being able to send bulk SMS for CRM so I’m looking at Thunkable as a means to build an app for that. My take away so far is that Thunkable may not be able to do this. Am I wrong? I want to be able to load data from a csv file or similar and send text messages.

From what I have read on the forum, the most that I’ll be able to put together is a program that feeds data to my text application but I’ll have to press send each time to make the text go out. I’m really looking to build an application that sends text messages for my business, that is separate from my default texting app but I’m not sure if that’s possible and I don’t know why.

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If you use a text api service you can do this. Like twilio. They are dirt cheap to use.

1,000 texts ~ $7.50 USD

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I’m using and I use it normally for bulk messages to clients within Thunkable.