Sending text without pushing the button "SEND" on the phone

Hi, i have tried to build an easy block for sending text, but i can’t send the text automatically without pushing the actual button “SEND” again on the phone.
I want the messages to be sent when i press the button on the app, i dont want to press “SEND” it again while opening the SMS section on my phone.
I hope i made it clear.

When i press the button on the app, the code will work for sending the texts, but it will open the SMSapp and i’ll need to press “send” again.

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can u send me the project link

It is literally just this block.

did u refresh and see

The code works good, but that’s not the problem.
Well it opens the SMS app with the message “Prova” ready to be sent to the number.
But i still need to press “SEND” on the phone in order to send it.

I want the texts to be sent just clicking Button1, if possible.

This is the way that texting works in Thunkable. It’s far from ideal but it’s the limitation that’s in place.

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What about Whatsapp? Im using the code Whatsapp API provides, but, again it opens the chat and still needs to click “SEND” button

This is a limitation/feature of the operation system. This is used to prevent downloaded apps sending messages on your behalf without your consent.