Unable to send text message from Android

I am trying to create a Thunkable X app that sends a text message from my Android phone. Here are my blocks:


I gave Thunkable Live full permission on my Android phone.

When I run this on my phone and press the button, my text messaging program (Google Messages) is opened with the right phone number, but the text message entry field is blank, and no message is sent. I would like for a message to be sent when I click on the button, with no further interaction on my part.

Any suggestions?

Sorry, Ellen. That’s a bug. It works on some Android devices, with some SMS apps, but not with all. Please feel free to create a bug report at our external GitHub issue list.

Both Apple and Google strongly dissuade apps from doing that sort of thing (i.e. the “no further interaction” part), as it can be too easily used for evil deeds. Consequently, we decided to not go through the hoops that would have been required to support that.