SendTextMessage function not working properly

So…Im trying to enable a contact feature on my app where a user can send an sms at the click of a button, requesting a call back. I have set this up in my app using the share SendTextMessage function…I have inputted all the details such as the mobile phone number, including country code…ie, +61 12345678, and an autofilled text for the message. And it looks great and works great on the Thunkable live test app!
When I build the app and test it as a stand alone and not using the live test app, it only seems to work on Android. iOS will not activate the function at all. The button presses, and you can see it engage, but it will not execute the command to open the default “message app” to send the message. Any ideas welcome as I’m getting nowhere fast on this one! Thanks.

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Can you take a screenshot let us know more? :blush::blush:

The CallNowButton, SendEmail and WebsitButton blocks all work perfectly fine across both operating systems. It is just the CallBackButton that is my issue.

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Copy the phone number from the call block, and paste the text in callback block.
This may refresh the message number…

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Thanks @kartik_old. The call now button is a landline, and the call back is a mobile. Having said that I have deleted the block entirely, exited the web page, and reinstated it later, and it still has the same problem unfortunately. I will persevere! It has been suggested to remove the “+” from the number, so I am in the process of that mow. Thanks.

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Two things:

  • Number format: Have you removed any brackets or dashes from the number? Is it in international format? Does it work if you remove the + from the beginning?

  • Alternative method: have you tried using the SMS URI with an ‘open link’ block?


Hi @jane…so the suggested block code above works on the iphone iOS which is great, but now it does not work on Android. Unless I am doing something wrong…which could be the case!