Is it possible to send an SMS text using user text input (phone number)?

I am trying to design an app that takes user input (ex. Phone number) and send an SMS text message to number provided. I basically want to be able to send a confirmation SMS text to the phone number provided stating that their entry has been confirmed. Attached to this confirmation text, I want to attach a number generated for the user. Is this possible through Thunkable?

If you want to do this automatically you would need to use a service like twilio/sendgrid. I’m not aware of a “no code” solution for this.

Could you provide an example of how to connect a service like Twilio to my Thunkable app? I am still new to using Web API’s.

You would have to write some code outside of Thunkable to interact with the twilio API. Pick a language of your choice and use something like google cloud to host and run it.

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