SMS API Integration for a button click event

how to integrate sms api in thunkable in a button click event
following is the url


please help me out in this regard


Thank you for sharing your blocks, that is VERY HELPFUL!!!

Every Web API (REST API) is different. So when working with a new API, I recommend you capture the results like this so you can see (and share) all 3 of the values returned by the Web API block


One thing I can see that looks problematic is the query parameter block. The text you have assembled will work if you join it to the URL, but the QueryParameters block typically requires something like:


Make those modifications and let us know your results.

Happy Thunking!

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Most of the SMS gateways uses simple URL compilation.

First try the open link component in the control drawer and put all your text in the URL. It should work. I use “easysendsms” service this way and it is working fine for me.

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