[Solved] Can Thunkable apps listen for incoming calls/texts/emails?

Is there Got Received Shared component in thunkable, I did not find?
If I want to share text or image to my app how can I do that?

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Please check here: https://docs.thunkable.com/share

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Share from another app to my app for example share twitter tweet url to my app?

It sounds like you want to receive texts or images from outside sources. Is that correct? Can you give a couple examples of what you mean?

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I don’t know exactly what you want to do, but looks like an API integration will solve your case. For example if you want to read twitter posts, try some API that reads the posts and import to your app.

Or you can use the Webviewer component if you just want to display external information.

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Yes, for example if my app is about downloader video from twitter, I want to share tweet url to my app and written in textbox.

Like this component :point_down:


This option is not available.

Well, since this type of block is unavailable in Thunkable, the only way is to actively “capture” data in your app using an API integration.

This block in the above example you get from MIT App Inventor?

from kodular

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