Tweeting from a Thunkable App?


There is a Twitter component in Social Media.

Here are some of the blocks.


newbie here…thank you for the above!

is that extension part of thuinkable x? not seeing it in the components area within the design tab…

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Nope. Only on X . Sorry.

Hi @arizzi12

Although what was shown by @Cian_O_Sullivan is only available in Thunkable Classic and not in Thunkable X, I feel all is not lost. I also have the same requirements as you and refused to be stopped in creating my app … you may wish to consider what I did.

Currently, in Thunkable X’s Social you can find Share. Share will allow you to share text and/or photos to the user’s pre-installed apps. So, if the user already have Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook or even eMail and Send Message (SMS), the user can share the inputted text (and photo) to any of the mentioned apps. When you implement Share in your app, it will invoke the phone’s share function and display all the pre-installed apps mentioned for the user to select.

You can put a statement somewhere (ideal to create an “About” screen) to inform the user that your Share requires the user to have the intended share to app pre-installed.

Of course, even more ideal is that your app can check first whether Twitter is already installed and if not, display a message “Oops, sorry! Twitter is not installed/found in your phone” but unfortunately current Thunkable X don’t have the necessary blocks to do that yet.

What I’m basically trying to say is don’t let it stop you from your wish to create your app.

OK, I think I’ve said too much and will stop here. All the best.



Screenshots …