How to Make a Social Media App Using Thunkable X?

Hello Dearest Community Members!
I wanted to know that how can I create a social media app using Thunkable X?
I know it can’t be really advanced from the start, but these basic functions to be included -

  • Messaging
  • Searching and Following Profiles
  • Uploading Photos/Videos
  • And Simple Posts with Only Text
  • And Homepage Should Have Content that the Customer Usually Likes to See.
    And I need everything from the start to end, as I am a beginner.

Please reply. I am waiting for a response.

Please search the forum. These sorts of app are already out there.

Perhaps you should learn the basics first.

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Hey @Dean_Artis, thanks for the suggestion!
Please share the link of any social media app made with Thunkable X, Because, I don’t have any idea about any sort of social media app which is made using Thunkable out there.
I should also be able to view some sort of code which they used, so a remix by you will be really helpful.

@thecodingmasterabeer You can definitely build this type of app. But the forums aren’t really meant to be a place where you just drop in, grab a template, change a few things and you’re done. It’s going to take time to learn this tool. Pick one of the features you want to build, try it out – there’s lots of documentation, YouTube tutorials, etc. – and if you get stuck, ask for help with a specific question and include screenshots. Good luck!


I don’t even know what components to use, then how shall I even get stuck? Please give at least a small idea. I mean, that’s what the community’s for! Right?

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The community is not here to do your work for you.

First learn the basics of Thunkable and the logic and design of a social media app.

Then apply what you have learnt in Thunkable to create the deign and logic of the app.

If you get stuck you can ask show what you have tried and questions about specific things that are not working.


I would suggest you start with the following:

  1. Create a firebase authentication/sign in page. Check out thunkable documentation and the forum for examples.
  2. Create user profiles using the firebase user ID (forum has examples)
  3. Create a multi user chat app using firebase (lots of forum examples)

Once you have this much built, you will have the basic skills to build out more features.

Happy Thunking



A curious question! I’m a new user too so my advice may not be sound but I will try to help. If you haven’t already, first start by having a go yourself at some of the basic tutorials. I’ve only done a couple so far but it’s good fun.

Once you have an understanding of the interface you might be able to find a template you can remix in the ‘Share Your Project’ section on the community homepage.

Quote ‘At Thunkable, we believe that sharing apps and their source code enables the first-time developers and non-coders in our community to not only build better apps but to also build them faster. In other words, we believe ain’t nobody got time to create the same app that another thunkable developer ha…’

I stumbled my way to thunkable whilst researching how to make wireframes for a cool app idea I’ve been sitting on for a couple of years. I’ve got a feeling it could go viral so I’m looking forward to hours of learning how to block. (Q)1. Is it frowned upon to use Admob within apps to generate significant income on thunkable? (Q2). Is there an community area where keen blockers team up with entrepreneurs/chancers who have new ideas? (I did see some users services are for sale on fiverr). Q3. Have I come to the wrong place to develop an app which hopes to have 5million downloads?

All the best,

JunoDSCVR (Codename)

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@Dean_Artis, Please try to be a little more polite.
No offence, but you’re being rude to me on the community lately.