It is posible make a social network with Thunkable?

In that case, do anyone have a social network proyect to remix? Thanks you very much!

Hi, @Leito! :wave:

There are many sample projects for Social Media, you will find “Snap Gram” -

Thanks! :blush:


It is possible make something like “Facebook”? With the possibility to make public posts and make “pags” into the Social network?

Hey @Leito

I’m not certain if there is a project you can remix, but you can always try it for yourself! :slight_smile: I think you can make a posts app and take it step by step until you have a very complex app like Facebook’s

You can have users sign in with firebase, have a DB with the posts, user info, etc. Keep in mind if you plan to do this my tip would be to keep everything dynamic. Make a template you can easily change the info depending on what you have on your database :slight_smile:

Good luck!