Info about a new project

Hi all,
I’m pretty new about thunkable and before starting with a new project I would like to know if it is feasible to do with thunkable cross platform.

Basically , the app I’m going to develop, should do the following things:

  • page 1:
    welcome and authenticate a user by facebook account.
  • page 2:
    once the user is authenticate he/she fill in a form (where the username field will be automatically filled by the facebook account loged in).
    upload also a photo in that form.
    store all those information in a db.
  • page 3:
    allow all users (also users not authenticated) to browse/search/filter all information stored into my db by a table view.

I think I should play with Firebase… Am I right ?
Could you please share with my which are the components needed for the purpose ?
Can you please confirm me or not , if is is feasible with thunkable cross platform ?
Thanks soo much!

It’s a possible with the cross platform and classic platform also for the your app #classicdiscuss

Could you please elaborated a bit on that ?
Do you know which are the components I should play with ?