What's the meaning of cross platform in Thunkable?


it was with great enthusiasm that I turned to Thunkable.
The blocks used for android do not work directly for ios you have to adapt
In my application I use firebase

this block in android reads my data and not in ios (I get an error code undefined)
I have a great need of your lights

To answer the question in the title: The meaning of Cross Platform is that you develop one app and it should theoretically work for Android and iOS.

However, I don’t know the solution to your particular problem, perhaps someone who knows can help.

Ive not run into many issues in 2.5 years between platforms for these blocks specifically.

That said, it doesn’t mean something didn’t get messed up on our end by chance. Any chance you can create a minimal example that demonstrates this behavior. We’re not getting any other reports yet but I’d be happy to check things out.


thanks for your answer
reading and rereading your post I tried something I changed the rules in firebase I set everything to true

Capture d’écran 2022-01-16 à 15.57.12

and to my great disappointment it works : I have access to the data in reading and in writing
before I had this :

how to make with these rules it works for ios and android ?

we really need a concrete tutorial on firebase rules and Thunkable

I have gone through different posts like this one but it is often a question of personal data to be preserved to which we associate a uid

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