Firebase and Connectivity with Thunkable iOS

My current project is a quiz-taking app called Flare that I’m building in Android. I use both Firebase for storing and retrieving data. It would be very nice if we could see such connectivity in Thunkable iOS.

@admins? Is this going to happen anytime soon?

Who else wants this?

A mi también me gustaría tener Firebase en iOS Thunkable, ya que tengo aplicaciones que quiero hacer en iOS Thunkable y no puedo por que me falta ese componente.

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@amrita, @wei, @Mark, @admins? Cloud connectivity is a needed feature for any app building platform. When will this happen?


Can I get a reply from the @admins please? This is very important to me.

Firebase is on its way for Thunkable iOS:

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Thank you. It’s amazing no moderator could simply say that for three weeks. I saw a bunch active! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: