Manipulate only one Firebase component

I decided to build for my business app to have an IOS version, since my cutsomers are demanded, so im start trying the thunkbale X, and i was just smiling because even some blocks are different from the original, i was just so happy that it is still not complicated at all, since i already builded the android let’s like im having a map in my mind, so im not having a hard time in blocking, it’s just in designing i have lots of adjustment to do in thunkbale X UX, overall all sad to say that i can copy the full features of my android version in to IOS i understand some are not suitable, but the only componet will stop me is the Firebase componet since im building IOS, to connect android, they must have one server and database, but android version, use 2 firebase compenent, while IOS only once and dont have any idea, about bucket change or api. And that end my sort of happiness, andy idea guys? Please

Were you ever able to find a solution to this @DevilLooper?