[Solved] Open all social app share options with simple text

Hello Thunkers!

I tried to find the answer to this one, but really couldn’t seem to. I may be using the wrong keywords to search?

I would like to feature a “share” button on my app. This will open the usual “share” app options for android / ios : whatsapp, instagram, facebook, messenger, chat, gmail, etc.

When you select the option there will then be text that says “I am using app name! Download it here: http://linkhere

Would appreciate your help!

Many thanks,

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Hi there,

Thunkable X has a Share component!
I think the ‘Share a Text’ block is what you will want to use :grinning:

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Oh wow, thank you so much Jane. I looked at that component and for some reason I thought it did something completely different. This is perfect, thank you for your help!