Share Component - SendTextMessage


I’m attempting to send a text message that contains an ampersand (&). The text string truncates at the occurrence of the character.

Please advise,
Courtney S. Calhoun

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show blocks

It works for me in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11 using these blocks:

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maybe a invalid no. he entered


Where is this “when - Texting with &” Control found?

wdym?post relvant things pls

wait i can make a samplllle

@cxscalhoun the name you see is not a component. It’s a screen name @tatiang used to demonstrate that the share works.

Hope that makes it clear

Thank you, @muneer and @tatiang!

I am attempting to assign a variable value containing “&” to the message property.


When the text message appears (Android), it’s text is truncated at the “&.”

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I just tried it on Android test and it comes ok

try this

@ muneer

Did you assign “test & test” to an app variable and plug the variable into the Share component?

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I made a simple screen with one text input field and a button

I ran the project from the mobile live test and in the text field I wrote “This & that”

I then pressed the button and got

That’s all

how to share to facebook or other social platform?. we not upload yet to google play store or app store.

use share component

@ ekansh_devs

I tried your app and the ampersand doesn’t work.