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I’m making an app that you can use to write stories. I made it so when you press a button, you can share the app with friends and stuff. But when I coded it, the share component wouldn’t allow me to share even on the Thunkable Live app. Please help

See Link Attached:

You’ve got two problems:

  1. You’re checking for an error but not assigning the green error block to anything so you can actually read the error that it’s generating.

  2. You can send text using the Share component but you’re trying to send a list which won’t work.

Try this instead:


And it looks like maybe your idea was to create a list from the text input entries and then share the entire list? If so, use the “make text from list” block in the List drawer to convert your list items to a text string.

You’ll have to try out different delimiters; I’m not sure if the New Line block works with the Share component.

Edit: here’s an example of that: Thunkable

Personally, I’d change it so that when you submit the text input (tap return), it adds the item. It seems a bit cleaner than having to hide the keyboard and then tap “Enter” to add a line to the story.

So I tried that but it said can’t send empty message. :thinking:
It said that because Text_List is the Text Input. So I need to send the list viewer’s items. :thinking:

@tatiang what if I used a variable and stored the information and then sent it when the button is clicked?

You tried what?

Did you check out my demo project? Did that work for you?

You could certainly do that.

i tried but it didnt work :sob:

i tried the text list (code you sent)

When I preview the link I posted above on my iPhone in Thunkable Live, tap Share and then tap on the Messages app, it opens a new message with the lines that I typed into the Text Input field:

hmm I’ll try that :thinking: