How to share list without commas?

Hey thunkers!
I want to share my list via the share component to WhatsApp… Everything works fine despite one thing. The shared message consists of commas. Is there any way to share a list without those commas?

Post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using. It sounds like you might be using the make text from list block. If so, you can use any delimiter you want. A comma is the default but you can use a space (" ") for example.

A newline might work better, I think. It will come out like

Hey! This is a list:

This is an image of my blocks which I am using to share the text items.

The output (Ignore the list items)-
Hey, this is my shopping list:

  1. Cauli: 2 pounds
    ,2. Yaar: 1 kg
    ,3. Bread: 1 loaf
    ,4. Butter: 1 kg

I want to remove the commas before the numerals…

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Use the block make text from list in the list drawer and remove the delimiter.

Hello @tatiang and @muneer, I tried the ‘Make text from list’ block and it works! Thank you so much!!!