Problem with "make list with delimiter"

I have a php file from which I get the following response:

“name // number”

I have tried with the two options that I show in the images, but in both cases the text in label44 changes to “name, number”, instead of just showing “name”.

can I store a list in variables?



You can definitely store a list as a variable.

By the way, you don’t need the “[gear] list” block in front of the “make list from text” block. It probably doesn’t does hurt but it’s redundant because the “make list from text” block returns a list.

A bit of a wild guess but could the “//” returned from your server be different from the text string “//” that you’re using as a delimiter?

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Because this works just fine:

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I think actually the problem is that you are making lists of lists. Remove all of the “[gear] list” blocks and you should be fine.

What you had was a list in variable name5 and then you created a list with that list as it’s first object. Then you got the first object of the new list which is just name5. So that’s why you’re seeing both values, name & number. You pretty much don’t ever* need to use the blue “[gear] list” block.

*Someone will quickly correct me about not needing it… lol


Thanks !!! you were right, I was creating another list …now it works!

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