Lists not returning item names

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As the topic name suggests, I am having an issue where lists in conjunction with ‘each item in’ blocks are not returning names for items in my list. Below is an example of the blocks I am using and the result. Any help would be much appreciated :grin: :+1:


You are working with lists incorrectly. Display the values of all variables to see the error.

Thanks for the reply Actech,

Here is a screenshot of the values of my variables after the code was run.

I don’t believe I fully understand how I have used lists incorrectly, but I do see that there are no values in my list, even though they are seperated by commas. Would you happen to have a solution for this?

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Can you give me a link to your project?


It’ll be hiding to the right a little in the blocks tab :+1:

Check this

Thanks for taking a look Actech,

This does look a lot simpler, but isn’t quite what I am trying to achieve. Apologies for not explaining earlier,

In my database, I have car makes and stored under those car makes through a key are the car models for that specific make. I am trying to retrieve all car models from all car makes, and put them into one list.

What do you believe would be the best approach for this?

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Check new version

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Thanks so much Actech, much appreciated! :smile:

I must have been using variables incorrectly, will keep this in mind for future projects.

For anyone looking back at this topic, Actech used an old variable instead of a normal one. To create these, drop in a new function and add an input.