Make list from text is broken and documentation needs fixing

This is how the current documentation is:

This is how I would document it. An example:

The output of this blocks will be 8,5,8,7,6,9,6 which is a list with delimiter “,” and after 3 sec you will see its length as 7. Please ensure to leave the “with delimiter as blank”
If you were to put the delimiter as “,” then the output will be 8587696 and length 1.
Please fix this mixed up bug :slight_smile:

I disagree that this is broken or a bug. I think you are just misunderstanding how it should work.

Maybe having some additional examples in the documentation would be helpful.

We just dicussed this all in another topic: Make list from text does not work

I don’t think we need two topics about this. Hopefully someone from the staff can merge these two.

Sorry I should have filed it in Thunkable GitHub where we make feature requests and modification to documents. My bad hope someone can merge it. Sorry for the confusion.

this is not a bug. the delimiter you provide is what thunkable uses to split the original string.

hence “1,2,3,4,5” with delimiter “,” will split the text into [1,2,3,4,5] with length of 5.
doing “1$2$3$4$5” with delimiter “$” will do the same thing.

whatever you specify as the delimiter is the character that is in BETWEEN the characters.

thus when you want to split “12345” into a list - there is really NO delimiter between the letters- aka there is a null separator ( separator) between the letters - hence you supply a delimiter of “”(this is not a space, it’s a text character with length 0, in other words a null character.

thus if you say “12345” with delimiter “”, you will also get list [1,2,3,4,5] of length 5.

there is no bug.


Ok ok ok Manyone I get you loud and clear. In India they would call me Tubelight. It means it blinks 3-4 times before it is fully lit!! :grinning:
“1,2,3,4,5” a string with delimiter “,”. The call converts it to a List[1,2,3,4,5] with length of 5. The new entity is a LIST with “,” as delimiters.

Thunkable has used the world over accepted “,” as the delimiter.

Hence using the “make list from” call, on a text string “12345” and giving no delimiter (NOT a NULL) will create the very same List[1,2,3,4,5]. Got it and I am glad I did not file a bug report. Putting [ … ] and giving the $ example got me to fully grasp it. 1001 thanks to you Manyone.


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