Text that is being changed has a bunch of comma's in it

I am making a code so that a specific piece of text changes to a different letter. However, when I try this code out, it keeps getting sliced up by commas. Any clue if this is a bug or a mistake in my code?


There’s not enough information here.

We’d need to have a link the project or at least a screenshot of the full set of blocks and the input values, expected values, and actual values you’re seeing.

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Also this:

So basically what I was trying to get was for each row in the spreadsheet, it should mark the person’s attendance as Y or N. For Example: If the app looked like this

I would want the spreadsheet to show:


But instead it is showing:


The list of values block will return a list such as {“a”,“b”,“c”}. If you then view that list as text, it will look like “a,b,c”. If you don’t want the commas to appear, then you have to use the make text from list block and use a comma “,” as the delimiter value.