Why does all the info enter only the first on the list

I obviously don’t understand something about lists.

In my mind, I think the first item in the list should be ‘a’, the 2nd ‘b’ etc.
Therefore #1 should be ‘a’, #2 ‘b’, #3 ‘c’ etc

But Label1 has a,b,c,d,e,f in it, meaning #1 has #1, #2, #3 etc from the list.
and label 2 is undefined, as are all the other labels.

In my mind, Label 1 should be ‘a’
Label 2 should be ‘b’ etc.

So what am I doing wrong. thanks.

The problem – and it’s a common one! – is that you included the [gear list] block in front of your variables that are already lists. So in effect, you created a list of a list. Where you wanted {“a”,“b”,“c”} you actually created {{“a”,“b”,“c”}} which just throws everything off.

I seriously wish the [gear list] block had some warning message that showed up when you tried to drag it onto the screen. It’s almost never needed! The exception is if you are initializing or setting a list’s contents. Otherwise, no need to use it… the variable you have is already formatted as a list.

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Hi Tatiang,
Thanks for that.
I can now visualise the list of lists.

So the solution is.

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You’re welcome. You’d typically use the insert at last block unless you need to insert it into a specific place such as the 4th item of a list of eight items. See this: Lists - Thunkable Docs

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