Problem with list index

Hi all, I have this problem, when I click on label1 it writes all three values ​​of the list so “10,20,30” I would like to access only the first index so only display “10” and putting the index at 2 I would like display “20”, but it doesn’t do that!
Can anyone kindly help me?
Thank you.


this is the code

When referencing a variable, you need to use a block from the Variables drawer. Your variable is called “lista” (this is fine but list variables do not have to have the word “list” in them).

Remove the list [gear] block and the text “a” block. Replace those with an ‘app variable lista’ block from the Variables drawer.

Here’s an example from the Lists documentation:

The documentation could definitely be clearer about how lists work. Many people make the mistake of using the list [gear] block when it’s almost never needed in a project except when initializing or setting a list variable value.

Thank you so much, now i understand!

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