In list get # problem

hello community i have a problem using in list get #, if i use a fixed number. works perfectly, but if i put a variable dont work anymoe.

The first code work, the second wont.



any idea?

Can you send the block where you set the value ?

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From my experience, using rose, light blue and orange blocks together gets rapidly complicated.

As addition to @AcrobatEpee s question, you might want to make a log, by adding labels to your project for testing reasons and set the labels each time variables are declared. Then you can see the value of the variables.


Despite various reports, my recent experience suggests that global variables are still working with errors. Use variables from functions instead. To do this, add a function block to the working field and in it set a parameter with the desired name — the block of this variable will appear in the palette.


I also suggest to make it the way @actech said, we already have a full topic about that which I invite you to visit.

Nice day :slight_smile:

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Yes im using labels for test and the value is shown perfectly . Seems like a bug :frowning:

i tried whit all types of variable, dont work :frowning: only fixed value

See what kind of data is stored in a variable. If the fixed block works, and the variable does not work, then the problem is with the value that is stored in this variable. Create another variable and assign it a fixed value and use this variable in get #. Doesn’t that work either ???

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Can you send me a link to the project. It’ll be easier to find the bug. Thanks.

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Thanks, @Franz_Jonshon, for letting us know about this. We’ve replicated the bug and are looking into it.


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Yes , i created a New variable whit fixed number, same result I Willy whit for the bug fix :wink:

Thank you Mark, i think you guys are doing a excelente job making this awesome project ! Keep going :wink: