Simple split list by index help

Sorry if its already covered somewhere
Gist of it is i have an app for school and i need to pull data from a list.


when i use get index 1 it pulls 1,2,3
need get index 1 to just pull the value 1
Ive spent hours trying every combination i can think of to fix it but got nothing lmao
Cheers lads

Just an FYI - you don’t need to upload the screenshot to a hosting site first. You can just drag and drop or attach the image to your post and it will display here. I’ve fixed your screenshot above.

The problem with your blocks is that you have a duplicate “list” block. It should say in list [stored variable Test3] get #1.

Because you have that additional [gear] list block, you’re telling Thunkable to make a list out of the list stored in your variable. So it does and you get a list within a list. Instead of {1, 2, 3} that you expect, it becomes {{1, 2, 3}} where the first and only list item is {1, 2, 3}.


Holly crap, ive never felt so dumb in my life. you’re my hero lad.


Eh, it happens to the best of us!

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