Does texting component send pics?

Does the texting component send pics just like mms apart from text ??

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What texting component are you talking about?

The texting component in the blocks for sending messages thru sms.

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Yes I believe you can send images using the share component, simply use the “Share a Image” block. (See code below)
You can use Cloudinary to have users upload photos that then returns as a URL which acts like a photo and can be stored in a database.


But when I went to send both image and text at the same time ??

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Sorry but pls is there any mms texting component in thunkable

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Is it possible for the sharing component to send directly instead of choosing the recipients ??

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Not that I know of currently…

However, this seemed to do the trick, although in two different steps.

Then, once I returned to the app, that number would appear in my recent sends and I can just click that to send the picture.

Hey @erinayo57b what kind of app is this?

An app that broadcast messages to members in broadcast list

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How does it work?

It works by sending messages to all participants in the broadcast list . I’m trying to be able to send images just like mms but it seems there is no possible way . Do u know any possible way in which I could do such

Can you send a link so I can see what’s is wrong or could you send a picture please

Thank you but there is no possible way

A picture of ??

@erinayo57b is your app private ? Or something else?

Yes it is actually , sorry can’t share the blocks

Well that’s okay. If you have any other AP’s that are not private I’l respond

Ok thanks but is there any way you could help me without seeing my blocks. Any recommendations will be really appreciated

@erinayo57b sorry i don’t know how I’m one of those people who need details so I could understand


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