[Solved] How to send photo and text to whatsapp

Hi There!
I want to send photo and text together on whatsapp, is this possible?

Use firebase and share component
And code it accordingly.
If it’s helping tick a solution.
Pm me for the code

I can’t understand how can send photo and text together in single message on whatsapp…
Please can you explain me how to do that?

Bring a join block.add the component
block image and add the text component block with it

Pleasecould you be clearer, i can’t understand, could you give a little example with the code?
Many many thanks

With share component i can only share text or image, i want share all together

What about uploading the image to cloudinary and then joining the MediaURL that is generated with whatever text you want to send using “call SendTextMessage”?

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Thanks for your help, but unfortunately as you can see it doesn’t work, because it send only the link of the photo.

I wish I could do it in this way

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I understand, I just don’t think you can. Does the cloudinary link allow you to view the image after the text message has been received?


Hmm… it works in Messages on an iPhone. WhatsApp may be different, of course. I’m testing to see how that might work.

Have you tried this? Courtesy of @actech at [Solved] Whatsapp & Thunkable - #4 by actech.


I tried the above blocks on my iPhone and they worked to send the cloudinary link to a friend. He was able to click the link and view the image.

I also was able to join text with the photo link:


It is not exactly the result I wanted, but I am satisfied, thank you

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