[Solved] Send WhatsApp Text

Hello! So I have number of textboxes, and want to share this as a whatsapp message, to a non-saved contact number…How can I achieve this.

Thanks In Advance.

What have you tried already? What have you searched for on the forums? You should be able to find enough info to get started. If you still have trouble, post a screenshot of the blocks you’re using.

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Hello, Sir! I searched and can’t find any of it. The image below joins several text boxes into one message. but how do i share this. I 'm able to open whatsapp, and message non saved number, but when whatsapp is opened i need the message box(whatsapp one) to be filled with this text boxes data.

How I’m calling whatsapp

Happy to learn. Always Sir.!

I haven’t sent messages with WhatsApp in Thunkable so I’m not the best person to help you but what happens when you try to join several text strings together using either the Text block or Open Link block?

It’s helpful to see your blocks but we also need to know what you expect to happen and what actually happens when you preview your blocks on a mobile device.

The first image I shared is of text message/SMS. I want to share that same format of message via whatsapp and not SMS. But how to do that with whatsapp, right now I am not that knowledgeable. I managed to do sharing with text/Sms Component, but nowadays people use more whatsapp than SMS, So I preferred shifting to whatsapp.

Is my problem clear. Or do I need to add more specifics sir.?

This is how you share with whatsapp!


Thank You Jared!

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