Sending a whatsapp message through thunkable

Hi all,

I wanted to know if its possible to send whatsapp messages to individual numbers or a group through whatsapp. And i want it to be free(as this is a general friends chat)

any other sms sending API is fine as long as it is free

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Text belt

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:+1:will look at it

thanks a lot @jared

but… ig this is free only for 1 message per day image

I’m doing it and I think I’ll make a tutorial topic about it

thanks a lot, Wish you a whole full of luck for it !!! :slight_smile:

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use the [open link] block and type the following which will open WhatsApp and write the message to the number in the code but will not send it[international phone number]&text=this%20is%20a%20test

Use the international phone number format without + or leading zeros


So logically isn’t it possible to directly send it rather than manually selecting select?

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And is there any way to send notification rather than push notification?

Facebook provides API framework for the business version of WhatsApp but not for the personal one.

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is the bussiness account available for free ? i heard that a trial is available only for 30 days or so

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It’s still free but like everything else it will have a kind of fee attached to it either directly or indirectly.

true :money_mouth_face: thanks anyways, will do some research on it

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Guys This way works, I hope you like it :partying_face:

nice but in case i have to send a whatsapp message/sms to a person using the app, is it possible ? Aperson cannot text himself right !

But thanks for you efforts, will think of a way to add it in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think you choose what message was sent to person.
Am I right?

yes, like the message depends on the option the user selects ,

let me brief on my app, its quite simple, like the user clicks on the pdf he prefers to view, since there are no download options in thunkable as of now, i am planning to send the download link to the user when he/she clicks download. so i need to send this link to the user through platforms such as whatsapp or SMS. this is my requirement !!!

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After &text= String
Means at From text inputmessage text to.
Write that link which you want to share on whatsApp.

thanks @aaminahmansuri59h , i get what you have said but the main problem here is to send the whatsapp messages from a particular number(mine) and not the user’s number (account), this facilitates the user to get messages. Aaprt from whatsapp are ther any free
SMS apis to do this ?


@muneer thank you very much for that! My app requires that messages should be able to be sent to numbers, even if they aren’t part of your contacts. The SHARE component only allowed us to share with contacts, and even in that the user had to select the contact name, without being able to go directly to the chat. So, I had to resort to using the SHARE component’s SMS option, which was terrible, since

  1. In the era of WhatsApp, nobody checks SMS anymore, and
  2. SMS costs money to send.
    Now I have added this open link with the WhatsApp API using your format, and it worked! Initially, it wasn’t working because I’d forgotten about the international format requirement, but I solved it by using a join block. Is there anyway that the app can automatically put the country code? Or will 00[number] work fine for any country?
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Hi @codeswept
WhatsApp actually has two ways of API. The one in this example and a shorter one which is'm%20interested%20in%20your%20car%20for%20sale

One of them accepts leading 00 and the other one doesn’t. I’m not sure which is which but both of them requires country code with the number.

I check the length of the phone number entered if less than 12 (in my case) then I remind the user to enter both country code and phone number.

With business account you can actually listen to messages and respond to them. The business WhatsApp allows sending marketing messages to group of users, too.

I’m not sure if I answered your question or not but was just spreading out what I know