Send message via Whatsapp

Hey Thunkers,
I would like to add the possibility for the users of my app to be able to send me a Whatsapp-message directly from the app, by clicking a button. This already works for sending an email, a text message or making a phone call.
I tried via the open link-block: (my number)

When testing, WhatsApp opens but I get an alert stating that “the link could not be opened.Verify and re-try”.
Am I missing anything?

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Hey hello, I’ve all just tried it works perfectly for me. No error message with your Share on WhatsApp link.
Maybe try to re-install whatsapp ?

Tested on Android


thanks for your quick reply - you tested on Android, right?
Could it be related to iPhone?.. I’ll check again - thanks!

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No worries, yes I did the test on Android. Now I make a test on iPhone in 30 min max I’ll keep you informed.


thanks- I appreciate your help with this!


I managed to connect to Whatsapp. All is going well, no error messages

On Iphone 6+

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hmmm, ok - thanks!
I’ll investigate further… I’m on an iPhone 8+ and I keep having the same error message.
WhatsApp opens, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t accept the phone number.
Thanks for your help with this

because It is the same WhatsApp.

I found the error: I used the wrong international number format, in my case I should use “+32” instead of “0032”…
Now it works :wink:
Many thanks to all!!

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are there any solutions for that ? Like i need to send a whatsapp message to the user using the app at that point of time