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Over the weekend I had a problem with the link to open a conversation to the whatsapp application from my applications. This link and the applications worked perfectly because I even have it published in the App store and play store.

The error marks that the link is incorrect or invalid and previously worked fine. In the same application I have buttons with the same function with the same link and some will open and others will not. I already verified and it is the same link because everything worked fine before.

Are you so kind to help me how can I correct it, please? or it´s a WhatsApp error.

The URL it´s the same, but I don’t know why one will open and the other won’t.

Can you try pasting the andriod link into a browser? If it works it might be a thunkable thing. If it doesnt then its forsure a whats app thing.

Hello Zander

I try to pasting the andriod link into a browser and you are right, whatsapp has an error.

in the past you had already had this issue with whatsapp?

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No I havent, thats just one of the steps I would have taken if it was my issue :grinning:

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Okay! Thank you Zander for your time and support!

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As I understand you have 2 different versions for each type of the device.
In the first blocks is for android and the second is for apple.

I had created a similar functionality and the link I had put was “https://wa.me/

Maybe that works for you too


The screen shows send--sanitize-- which means the link used is hidden and the error could be due to the link using an invalid invitation to a group instead of a phone number or the phone number or the full URL is not formatted properly.

This is not a WhatsApp error for sure.


I have run some tests from my side and found out that is the phone number starts with 00 or + it sometimes work and sometimes fail.

Make sure the number follows international format of (country code + area code + phone number) without leading zeros or +.


You can use the following equally:

If you want to automatically invoke WhatsApp then use whatsapp://app.


Hello John

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Thank you for your information, yes it worked for me.

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Hello Muneer

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Thank you for your information. Before posting I was using this link also to open a chat with a specific phone number:

h ttps://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+524421812321
(without the space after the letter H in https)

The strange thing is that on my cell phone it works and on my wife’s it marks the error that I had already mentioned. I will use the information you kindly provided me.

Thanks a lot!

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if you remove the + it should work on both phones.


Good, thank you Muneer! :grin:


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