How do i open Whatsapp using thunkable

I’m making an assistant app and I want it to open up WhatsApp on android

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@aryatac yes i have worked with opening whatsapp directly and this is how it works.
You have to include the +(countrycode too)
Example number: 1(yournumber)

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i just wan to directly open WhatsApp not send a text message

it opens the default messaging app (like whatsapp)

Also ill send a apk and / or the code and design when it is finished

hmm maybe ill just remove that text thingy and see


thx ill try to see if it works

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this is 1/8 of the code i guess

click this link to create your own assistant. that’s very simple.
first you should click create agent and after you entered the name, you should click done.then click create intent, add a response and set the response to custom payload then enter the response below:

why didn’t you tell me that’s an assistant?
make sure you create a google site with the emended cde from the

the url to whatsapp is that should be filled in the link field of the response. if you want to use thunkable, use this block:
Screenshot 2021-08-27 100722

i hvae used dialog flow but it cannot open any app or give the time and help with stuff like google bixby alexa cortana and siri can

and also that is for PC for android phone we have to OPEN whatsapp web not the website\

arh! did you change the object type?

i dont know how to do that

you should select “custom payload” and do the following: