Thunkable x ShareImage does not work

Recently, in one part of my project, I would like to take a photo with camera (‘Camera’ component) of the phone or upload one from gallery (‘Photo Library’ component) then share it over Whatsapp (‘Share’ component).
I can send the taken or uploaded photo as SMS or mail with ‘Share’ component however whent it comes to “ShareImage” option nothing happens. App stands still and do nothing with the image.
Below is the configuration in the Blocks section.

What is wrong?

It works for me on an iPhone 8. You have the same setup as the example at I copied what was there and tested it and it allowed me to select a photo from my library and then presented me with options for sharing (Messages, WhatsApp, etc.).


Hımm… Thank you.

I tried on an iPhone 6, every button works except ShareImage part.
Neither Android nor iOS, that part does not work.