[Android Bug] Can I share the image of canvas?

Pls help I am not understanding

Use the image of canvas block.
Use that block in the share image block.

Hi @lukehoogenboom0i
I have tried the blocks but it is not working


And this is blocks

That looks right. What is the value of the green error block? You can display it using a label.

i’ve tsted it with a error it litterly does nothing.
it does change the picture of the image component but does not share the picture or image.
there is also no error output

Are you testing it on a mobile device? What type of device?

I ran this in Thunkable Live on my iPhone 11 and it worked perfectly:


samsung galaxy M11 thunkable live

Here’s a simple demo project:


And the output after I draw something with my finger and then tap the Share button:

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I know it’s a silly question but… are you able to view a photo on your phone (not within Thunkable) and share it? The Thunkable Share Image block is using the built-in sharing function so I’d check that first.

Does the demo project I posted work on your phone?

Yes that works.


Hmm… I’m not sure what to suggest. I don’t have an Android device to test this on but I would assume it should work.

I just tested your demo project. It doesn’t work on Android


Thanks, @muneer.

Turns out this is a known bug (see the last comment):

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In android Mobile Mi A1

Ok sir but which code may i use to work on android
This I asked bcz I am making a whiteboard for my mother

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