Sharing a photo, issue

I am having trouble with sharing a photo. I am using the share feature. I get the error undefined, even though it is the exact blocks in Thunkable Docs. Is this just an issue with live test?

I am wanting to use the share feature to call save image to device :slight_smile:

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Hi Eoin,

I made an app that uses the ShareImage block.
I also get the ‘undefined’ error message.
Did you try downloading your app?
Did the Share Image block work then?

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Hi Eoin,

Were you using an Android device when you encountered this behavior?

Apologies for the late reply. Thank you for your response.

I am indeed on Android, Android version 9, Samsung One UI on a Samsung Galaxy S8.


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I am using the ShareImage method of the Share component and also getting the “undefined” error message.


I am on Android version 9, Samsung Note 10. Also tested on Android version 8.1, Samsung Tab A (2017).

Tested with Live Preview app and installation of APK.

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Hi there,

An error report has been filed for this issue.
I’ll post an update here when there is a development on this matter.