Printing: Behavior of "in share call share image" in IOS and Android can someone test?

Hi, during my test to use the share element to print and/or use the image in other apps I found some strange behavior on the platforms IOS and Android.

I made a small app with different images to create on 5 screens.

  1. Drawing by finger on a Canvas

  2. Take a photo -> image

  3. Draw lines on canvas

  4. Create QR image

  5. Screen with simple jpg on image

Here is the link:

Now to the results of my tests:

Using iPhone/iPad (IOS 13):
Printing, saving, etc. possible with 1, 2, 3 and 5
No grindig, but copy to clipboard, copy to Notes etc with 4

Using an Android Phone (THL with Android 7.0):
Printing, saving, etc with 2 and 5
Nothing happens with 1,3 and 4.

Could someone else check these results on other devices with other versions of software?

I cannot test this behavior on other devices. Can you test this on Android Tablets and other versions of IOS and Android?

Thank You

What could be the reason for these differences?

I get the same results as you on my Android (Pixel 4, latest OS) as you.

I even tried to transfer from Canvas to image component before share, and this works, however the later share does not work still, even it is completely same code as the shares that does work.

Indeed a weird one - could it be a bug? :slight_smile: