My app "Share" component not working

Hey! So Im trying to create an app in which somebody who need help can post a request and then somebody else can message them and tell them how to solve the problem, or plan a physical meet up to solve the problem. I chose to use the “Share” component for the text message. So, I store it in the database when user1 types it, and save the request at the same time, so that the phone number and request will be syncing, and there will be no errors. But the problem is whenever I use the realtimedb.get component, and put the share.sendtextmessage block inside it, and give the phone number as the value of the phone number stored in db, and then live test it, the phone number just always turns to “null”. I tried putting the value in a label to see if the problem is in the db or share component, and it turns out that the problem is with the share component, cause I could easily see the phone number in the label. Any ways to solve it, or reason why this is happening?

Perhaps you can create a new project and just add the main components to show us the problem. In this way a) you can see if in a simplified environment it is working properly and b) it’s easier to other ppl help to help you. It is just an idea!

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@kaurgurlakshk0tz I’ve updated you topic title as you haven’t mentioned any sort of deadline in original post.

I think that @danielmartin2yxsw6’s suggestion is worth trying first and if the issue persists, please post a screenshot of your blocks here too so we can take a look for you.


Thx, I already solved it. It was that my app wasn’t updated, and for some reason after I updated it it sarted working.