Utilizing the share component

I am attempting to send an email using the “Share” component on Thunkable X. Whenever I make an attempt, it says “mail.google.com” refused to connect. Does anybody know what this means?
Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 6.16.33 PM

Please note that I attempted to do this without the variables and joined text, it still did not work.

I have had this issue with other apps not just thunkable. I believe it may be an issue with Google. When you send an email try testing it using the devices default mail program not Gmail to see if your code is fine.

How do I make this change in thunkable? The share component does not give me the option.

It is not a function of Thunkable. When i hit the share button it goes to my phones default app selector . I choose the devices default mailing app instead of Gmail.

@ryguyandkbockt it looks like you’re using web preview here?

If you try live testing or installing your app then this should open the installed app.