Sending sms thunkable x

Hi guys, I’m stuck with sms sending,

I’m attaching an image of my code, the question is,

That should be work???

Thanks in advance, Alvaro

Hi, @Alvaro_Sanchez! :wave:

I think the code should work, does it?
If it doesn’t work, try replacing the Local_DB > getCell (which has stored a value of a textinput) with the original/only textinput.

Thanks! :blush:

Good point. THis way you can make sure that you are accurately calling data from the local_DB @Alvaro_Sanchez. there could be a bug too, if you are acurately doing calling your data. check it out and report back!

Good morning, Doesn´t!, jajajjajaja.

i´ll keep trying.

I think like @jared says, there is a bug, because saving the number in a variable it doesn´t work too.

Hi Jared, the i named the column ColCmd, then i have the rows, 1, 2,…5.

But the when i want to send the text, the contact it´s null…

May be it´s some bug with the share component.

Sorry for my english, i´m learning jajja.