Thunkable instant messenger project

Hello Thunkers :wave: @Red_Panda here

UPDATE: I am proud to release the first version of this project. Remember that the project is not finished and I cannot guarantee that this version will be upgradeable. Also, do not use in production versions, because there are still bugs to fix. The sources can be found in a GitHub repo. To use this project, you will need a Cloudinary Account. Read here, how to set everything up. I also recommend using a custom FirebaseDB. Follow this tutorial on how to set up a custom FirebaseDB.


  • Create a messenger without server code
  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
  • Customization
  • It does not need to be scalable, because it is intended for private use


  • End-to-end Encryption :arrow_right: Encryption (see my Proof of Concept)
  • More options when sending
  • Translations :world_map:
  • Backup function :cloud:
  • Group chat
  • Polls
  • Authentification with phone number :iphone:

Issues (Or: Why this is a preview)

  • Spinner is opening and closing constantly :white_check_mark: (height was set to 0)
  • The chat partners have to be in-app (without background tasks):exclamation:
  • Cloudinary is really slow at uploading pictures :exclamation:
  • Chats cannot be deleted :white_check_mark:
  • Only the last message is stored :white_check_mark: (uses Firebase.AppendTo)
  • Formatting urls as links adds an empty line :white_check_mark:
  • The WebViewer has a problem with fullscreen videos (see this post):exclamation:
  • App opens in settings screen (This is a issue of the first element of the Spinner) :white_check_mark:

Used extensions

Textbox and Simple Notification by @Taifun
ImageEditor by @Mika
I18n and custom extension by Me

Thanks to all Extension developers!


2017-11-11: Project start
2017-11-12: Some bug fixes
2017-11-23: Added new screenshots
2018-01-01: Initial release :tada:
2019-10-14: Project renamed

The other apps in this projects are TextSecure and SecureChat

Check out the other messenger projects Howdy, Aloha, ChatAble, @pavi2410 ‘s project and TEOC


thank you for using some of my extensions!
keep up the good work!


Short update: I now have a working version which uses the Google account for verification. The app has notification tones and a notification is displayed if the user has a new message. The color settings will be system wide. The best thing is: The Firebase property Firebase.Persist allows me to store messages when the user is offline and send them when he is online. I will now try to integrate phone number verification and encryption. My biggest problems are that Cloudinary is slow and that the app must be running permanently. Both problems should be solved when App Inventor Tasks are available.


Another short update: The conversion from the Google Account version worked. I had some issues which have been resolved. As soon as I solve two remaining bugs, the project will be ready for launch. The error message is "gnu.math.DComplex cannot be cast to gnu.math.RealNum" and the crash seems to have a problem with a screen closed event and a timer. Any help is appreciated.

Do you want the Google Account version as a source file too?

  • Yes
  • No

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Will you give .apk and .aia

@Dream_Less Yes, once the project is finished
@Alexandru The problem got solved, but I will keep this in mind


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I am proud to release the first beta version of this project! There are still lots of errors to fix, but I hope I can do this. Thanks to my I18n extension you can help translating the project. If you are interested, let me know.

Happy 2018 everybody :tada:


Good news! The next update will be awesome. I managed to change to Firebase Storage (thanks to @mirxtrem_apps) , so you’ll have to use one account less. I was able to change to @ColinTree’s ListView extension, so you’ll have a native chat overview. I also use now @Tiziano1960’s notification extension to create multi-line notifications. I optimised my dialog.css so we have a html FAB, auto scroll and easier color handling. @Taifun Tools provide a hash function so nobody is able to extract your phone number from the database. And a lot more to come. Stay tuned!


will u post aia ?

The first version is already online, but these changes take some time

where its link The first version?




where i get text me extension ?

Nowhere, it is just for this project. Sorry!

will u publish it shortly ?


i will waiting here

What is so intersting about the extension btw?