TextSecure: A secure instant messenger, made with Thunkable

This is the child of my Messenger app and SecureChat Proof of Concept. It is part of the TextMe project. The goal is to create a customizable instant messenger that provides end-to-end encryption.

You can find the sources and all details here.

Used Extensions

Thanks to all extension developers!


Looks like beautiful and useful :wink:
Impatient to download him <3

Version 1.0 was just released. I spent some time improving the documentation. The first version does not have notifications and it has some problems when screens are not closed correctly. This will be fixed in the next version.


I just pushed a new update. Version 2.0.1 finally supports notifications. I also made things easier and fixed some bugs

Hey just a quick notice: For the next version I already implemented sorting the chats, so that the most recent chat is always on top. I also made unread chats appear blue. One thing I did is getting rid of that start screen, you can now start chatting immediately after installing the app. I hope to decrease start times with this. The profiles screen is still in its old place.
Do you have any wishes or ideas what could be improved in the next release?