Secure Chat - Proof of Concept

Hello Thunkers,

today I’m going to present you SecureChat, my proof of concept for an encrypted chat app.

How To

  1. One user clicks “Generate code”
  2. The other clicks “SCAN” and scans the other’s barcode

You can later start a new chat by clicking the user’s name. And because this is a proof of concept, only one chat at a time is possible. You can add images and links by copying the url into the text box. The orange button is a pure css FAB and should display 🡫 and I have no idea why this is not working. It allows you to get fast to the bottom of the page. Version 2 of this project introduces image support with Base64 encoding to provide an encrypted chat without the use of another webserver to host the images.

The project is part of my messenger project and can be downloaded here

Used extensions

QR code extension by @Mika
Cryptoextension by @Tiziano1960
FileAlt extension by Me :slight_smile:
File2String extension by @Juan_Antonio

THX to all extension developers


2018-02-25: Initial release
2018-03-20: v2 released


superb :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Version 2 was just released and it introduces sending images with Base64 encoding for security



It’s Amazing Bro