GroupChat, an encrypted group chat proof of concept

Hey fellow Thunkers :wave:

Today I present to you my newest development in encrypted chat applications. GroupChat is an end-to-end encrypted messenger built entirely in AppInventor (for compatibility reasons). In theory, endless people can join a chatroom. The app uses Firebase as a backend database. This project is more reliable and secure than any of my previous projects!


  • To join a chat, open the settings screen :gear: and click “Scan someones QR code”
  • You can change your name on the settings screen :gear:
  • To leave a chat, click the red button which says “Leave this chat”. A new chat with only you in it will be automatically created
  • Write your message in the :memo: textbox and click :left_speech_bubble: to send it

Please test the apk groupchat.apk (3.9 MB) to ensure everything is working correctly. Once I get feedback that everything works, I will release the source files

Extensions used